Care & Maintenance

Plazma Stone Inc. quite strict in terms of care and maintenance of their designed stones. We rely on Quartz Surfaces which are hard and non-porous, since they are virtually maintenance-free.

One can maintain quartz surfaces with the following steps:

  • One can simply wash and then wipe them with a soft cotton cloth and warm water along with mild soap if desired.
  • One can use non-abrasive cleaners that are usually used for granite surfaces.
  • One can even scrub the surface using Scotch-Brite scrubbers. Do not use any abrasive cleaners and harsh scrub pads.
  • Avoid using bleach and cleaners which contain alkaline salts, acids, oxidizers and free radicals.
  • Use plastic putty knife to scrape the surfaces from tough remnants.

Although Quartz surfaces are stronger than the normal stones used in kitchens and other places, one should note that:

  • Slight variations in colour, pattern size&shapes and shades are normal and need to be taken account
  • Countertopsneed to be supported from beneath as they themselves cannot function as support structures.
  • They are also not chemical or fracture-proof.
  • Quartz surfaces can be damaged by force and not exactly chip-proof and scratch-proof.
  • Use of cutting boards for fruit and vegetable on quartz surfaces is highly recommended.
  • Use of hot pads or trivet for handling hot utensils on quartz surfaces is recommended.
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