Care & Maintenance

Quartz Surfaces are hard and non-porous so it’s virtually maintenance free. Maintaining quartz surfaces is easy, simply wash with a soft cotton cloth and warm water, and mild soap if desired. Non –abrasive cleaner such and method daily granite can be used. Scotch-Brit can be used. Do not use abrasive cleaner and harsh scrub pads. Avoid using bleach and cleaners like strong alkaline, strong acids, oxidizer and free radicals. If required to scrap use plastic putty knife. Although Quart Surfaces are stronger material in the class following exclusion need to be noted

  • Variation in the color, pattern size, shape and shade are normal.
  • Countertop must be supported as it cannot be used as support structure.
  • Can be damage by force and it’s not a chip proof.
  • Not a scratch proof
  • Not a seamless
  • Not a heat proof so use of trivet or heat pad is recommended to avoid contact of hot
  • surfaces to quartz counter top.
  • Not a chemical proof or fracture proof.
  • Not a scratch proof so it is advisable to use cutting pad for fruit and vegetable.
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